Emergency Care

Emergency Care

We are ready to assist you if you have an orthodontic emergency. Please call us if you are in excruciating pain or have an appliance issue that you cannot fix on your own. We’ll be able to set up an appointment right away to fix this.

In many circumstances, you may be able to come up with solutions on your own until you can get to our office. Bring a plastic bag or envelope to your next visit if there is a loose piece that you can remove. Soft wax should be applied to the protruding region of your braces. If the wire has shifted, use needle-nose pliers to pull it back to the other side and reinsert it into the tube on the back tooth.

You must still contact our office as soon as you have relieved your pain to arrange a repair. Your treatment method may be disturbed if your appliance is broken for a lengthy period of time.

Soreness in general

Be prepared for soreness in your mouth and teeth for three to five days after having braces. Eat soft foods until you no longer feel pain while biting down. Warm salt-water mouthwash may aid in the relief of sore gums and other oral irritations. Using an eight-ounce glass of warm water and one teaspoon of salt, rinse your mouth. If the soreness continues, try acetaminophen (Tylenol) or your usual pain reliever. You should avoid using aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), or naproxen sodium (Naprosyn, Anaprox) regularly if you wear braces.

For the first one to two weeks, the braces may irritate the lips, cheeks, and tongue as they adjust to their new position and the surface of the braces. This may be mitigated by applying wax to the braces. We’ll walk you through the steps!


Wearing your headgear as recommended by your orthodontist will make your appliance more comfortable as it adjusts to you. Please follow the precise instructions from your orthodontist. Please contact our office for help if your facebow is bent as this will not be resolved will longer wearing.

Loose Appliance

Wax the portion of your device that keeps poking you.

Loose Bracket

If your bracket or band is still linked to the wire, keep it in place and, if necessary, apply wax to it. If you can easily remove the bracket or band, store it in an envelope and bring it with you to your next visit.

Loose Wire

Using needle-nose pliers or tweezers, push the wire back into place. Replace the missing colored o-ring with a piece of floss to secure the wire. If you are unable to draw the wire into a comfortable position and covering the end with wax does not help, you may cut it below the last tooth to which it is firmly linked using a little fingernail clipper. Apply wax to the sharp end of the wire if necessary.

Poking Wire

Push it down with a pencil eraser or wax it to prevent it from poking any longer.

Orthodontics based on PROPEL®

Using this method, your orthodontic therapy may be expedited.

Our team at PROPEL Orthodontics is thrilled that we can provide orthodontic treatment more swiftly! If you’d want to improve the look of your smile but don’t want to commit to months or years of braces, PROPEL might be the solution for you. Despite the fact that each patient’s condition is unique, many patients may now finish their orthodontic treatment in less than a year thanks to this ground-breaking orthodontic technology.

How well does PROPEL do its job?

Our patients’ orthodontic treatment has become more efficient, but not necessarily quicker, during the last two decades as a result of new treatment alternatives. Until now, that is!

By activating the bone around your teeth, PROPEL works with your body. If you utilize this treatment, your teeth will be able to shift into their proper place more quickly and consistently. You’ll see the results of your new smile sooner, and your visits to our clinic will be fewer as a result. It is possible to get PROPEL performed right here at our clinic.

In addition, the PROPEL procedure is absolutely painless. You won’t have to take any time off after the treatment, so you may go back to work right thereafter.

About 80% of orthodontic patients may benefit from it, and it can be used in conjunction with a variety of treatment modalities, including traditional metal braces, TADs, and clear aligners. For further information, please get in touch with our office!

AcceleDent® Aura allows for faster tooth movement.

Is the idea of wearing braces for a lengthy period of time scaring you away from getting the smile you’ve always wanted? You may be able to move your teeth up to 50% faster than before using AcceleDent Aura! To attain your ideal smile in less time, utilize this safe and simple-to-use equipment.

It’s fast.

AcceleDent Aura is a small, lightweight, hands-free device that may be worn in conjunction with orthodontics for up to 20 minutes every day. In order to move your teeth in the right direction, SoftPulse Technology’s micropulses have been painstakingly calibrated.

It’s quite mild.

AcceleDent Aura’s SoftPulse Technology safely increases the movement of teeth. AcceleDent Aura puts 200 times more force on the teeth than normal chewing.

It’s safe and reliable.

According to the results of clinical investigations conducted in the United States, AcceleDent Aura is completely safe to use. It has been prescribed to tens of thousands of individuals globally since its launch in 2009. US Food and Drug Administration-approved AcceleDent may only be purchased through your orthodontist.

General soreness

When you get your braces on, you may feel general soreness in your mouth, and teeth may be tender to biting pressures for three to five days. Stick to a soft diet until your teeth do not hurt to chew. Irritated gums and other sore spots can be relieved by rinsing your mouth with a warm salt-water mouthwash. Dissolve one teaspoonful of salt in eight ounces of warm water, and rinse your mouth vigorously. If the tenderness is severe, take Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or whatever you normally take for headache or similar pain. Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) and Naproxen Sodium (Naprosyn, Anaprox) actually slow the tooth movement, so it is not advisable to use them frequently while wearing braces.

The lips, cheeks, and tongue may become irritated for one to two weeks as they learn a new posture and become accustomed to the surface of the braces. You can put wax on the braces to lessen this. We’ll show you how!


Sometimes discomfort is caused by not wearing the headgear as instructed by your orthodontist. Please refer to the instructions provided by your orthodontist. If the facebow (metal piece) is bent, please call our office for assistance. The headgear should hurt less the more it’s worn, so be sure you get in the prescribed number of hours.

Loose appliance

If your appliance is poking you, place wax on the offending part.

Loose bracket

If your bracket or band is still attached to the wire, you should leave it in place and put wax on it if needed for comfort. If the bracket or band can be removed easily, place it in an envelope and save it to bring to your next appointment.

Loose wire

Using a pair of tweezers or needle-nosed pliers, try to put your wire back into place. It is okay to use a piece of floss to tie the wire into place: tie the floss around the bracket in place of the missing colored o-ring. If you cannot put the wire into a comfortable position, and covering the end with wax doesn’t help, as a last resort use a small fingernail clipper to clip the wire behind the last tooth to which it is securely fastened. If the end of the wire is still sharp place wax on it.

Poking wire

Using a pencil eraser, push the poking wire down or place wax on it so that it is no longer poking.

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