Advanced Smile Technology™


Empower braces have technology that allows them to tie themselves. Instead of rubber bands, they use clips (ligatures). During adjustment sessions, rubber bands must be changed out because they may change color. If you use Empower self-ligating clips, you won’t have to come to our office to make changes to your wires. This will save you time.

What are the benefits of using Empower?
  • By requiring less work and friction, brackets with rounded edges and a low profile make orthodontic treatment less painful.
  • Self-tying clips get rid of the need for rubber bands, making adjustments faster and easier.
  • With our Dual ActivationTM System, you can move and control Empower brackets with great accuracy, either actively or passively.
Clear Braces That Help

Those who get Empower Clear braces will be proud to show off their smiles.

Because they are made of strong ceramic, Empower clear braces are also very nice to look at.

In general, elastics need to be replaced more often and wear out faster than self-ligating brackets.

Each bracket has rounded edges that make it look smaller and feel softer on your cheeks and lips.

We’re here to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. If you call our office to make an appointment, you may be a good candidate for Empower braces.

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